Today’s new standard for obituaries
Newspapers are becoming obsolete, with many newspapers shutting their doors. Forever Obits provides a permanent digital archive of all obituaries that can be searched and accessed online at any time, free of charge. Newspapers charge a fee for access to archives, and if they have gone out of business, your obituary may be lost forever.

Additionally, obituaries posted on Forever Obits are always available to the public, with no set runtime. Newspapers run an obituary for one day and charge a fee for each additional day.
Lower cost, flat rate for obituaries
Forever Obits charges a single, low cost of $35.00 for an obituary posting. This includes photo with no additional charge for color, and no limit on lines of content. Newspapers charge additional fees for photos, lines of text over a set limit (usually around 8-10 lines), additional days in print, etc., causing most obituaries to run into the hundreds of dollars.

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Friends and family can post condolences*
With Forever Obits, your friends and family can post condolence messages right on your loved one’s obituary page, free of charge. This just can’t be done with newspapers.
Friends and family can share photos and videos*
With Forever Obits, your friends and family can upload photos and YouTube videos of your loved one to share their special moments, free of charge. These photos and videos are posted in a gallery on your loved one’s obituary page. Newspapers generally only allow one photo per obituary, for an additional charge.
No cutoff time
Newspapers have a cutoff time for submitting obituaries, usually at least 24 hours prior to print date. At Forever Obits, all obituaries are posted immediately after administrative review, usually within a matter of hours.
Immediate edits
With Forever Obits, if an edit is needed to an obituary, the change is immediate upon submission. Newspaper obituaries cannot be edited once printed.
*All condolences, photos, and videos are reviewed for appropriate content by a Forever Obits administrator prior to posting.